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Integrating Genomics, Clinical Research and Care in Hypertension The InGenious HyperCare European Network  

Friday, June 15,    20.00  Milancity Fair, Red Hall, first floor    

1)      A. Zanchetti (Milan): InGenious HyperCare – Plans and progresses (Slides 1)

2)      T. Kuznetsova (Leuven): Excellence in phenotyping – Assessment of left ventricular function (Slides 2)

3)      J. Diez (Pamplona): Excellence in phenotyping - Circulating markers of left ventricular dysfunction (Slides 3)

4)      J. Redon (Valencia): Excellence in phenotyping – Renal function and microalbuminuria (Slides 4)

5)      A. Dominiczak (Glasgow): Genome scans in complex traits: is hypertension a special case? (Slides 5)

The European Union On-LineAcknowledgement of support from the Sixth Framework Programme, Thematic priority1: Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health contract InGenious HyperCare (LSHM-CT-2006-037093)